Welcome to the Board of Progressive Jewish Education

The Board of Progressive Jewish Education (BPJE) is the umbrella organisation in New South Wales, of all education bodies which provide Pluralist Jewish education and the Pluralist Jewish approach to educational issues involving Jewish History, Judaism and Israel.

BPJE aims to provide educational experiences that foster a love of Judaism and pride in being part of the Pluralist and wider Jewish community.

The organisation operates at a number of sites in New South Wales and and the ACT as well as offering a Distance Education Program for students who live outside the main centres.

BPJE is grateful for the generous support of JCA.


Our Vision

To provide educational experiences that foster a love of Judaism and pride in being part of a Jewish community.

The Board of Progressive Jewish Education recognises that for many students participation in Hebrew and Sunday Schools is their only contact with Judaism and Jewish children. We recognise that a number of families not affiliated with our congregations elect to send their children to our Hebrew and Religion Schools.

We aim to foster experiences that create a sense of community. We encourage families to select a Jewish Day School education; however, we strive to ensure that children from all educational institutions feel welcome.

While we share a common mission, vision and ethos, the programs at each Centre will continue to be designed to respond to the needs of students.

Our Mission

  • To stimulate and encourage the study of Judaism and its adaptation and application to modern life within the framework of the fundamental principles of Judaism
  • To promote and coordinate Jewish education and religious instruction
  • To promote and coordinate the welfare of Jewish youth
  • To cooperate with other sections of Jewry in the pursuance of common interests
  • To work for social justice, equity and freedom for all. (Tikkun Olam)
  • To promote the training of rabbis, teachers, cantors and youth leaders
  • To publish material to guide Progressive Jews in Australia, New Zealand and Asia
  • To offer an exciting and relevant Pluralist education based on the values as espoused by the Progressive movement

Education Objectives

Students will develop knowledge and understanding about:

  • The nature of Judaism and belief systems in local and global contexts
  • The influence and expression of religion and belief systems in Australia
  • Religious traditions and their adherents


And skills relating to:

  • Effective gathering, analysing and synthesising of information about Judaism
  • Effective evaluation and application of findings from research about Judaism
  • Communication of complex information, ideas and issues in appropriate forms to different audiences and in different contexts

Students will value and appreciate:

  • Ethical and socially responsible behaviours which are brought about through empathy for, and acceptance of, religious diversity
  • Fundamental rights of religious believers, rules and laws that promote fairness, justice and equality in society


David Speiser - President

Ashleigh Antflick - Immediate Past President

Nicki Braun - Secretary

Sue Musry - Treasurer

Gwen Harrison

Dudu Gotlib

Daniel Samowitz

Jesica Dowell

Lisa Sarzin

Patricia Lindenboim

Caroline Freeman